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Our clients seriously support and love what we do!

Do Good. It Will Come Back to You.

We believe in improvising. It is exciting. It is an adventure, a challenge, and a chance to be creative. If the plan does not work, change the plan but never the goal. Not being locked into a prescribed way of doing something leaves room for all kinds of wonderful things to happen.


At Latitude 108, we believe in embracing failures knowing we can cultivate success. Missteps can be powerful lessons. Mistakes lead to discovery and that can produce all kinds of possibilities. People do not want to talk about failures in business but that is where you learn the most. You can have so much more insight, so much more experience in the marketplace from missteps. By not succeeding, in the way you wanted to, you can learn to encourage and to take risks. There is no one way to do things. What works for you is the way that works right now. That may also change tomorrow. Latitude 108 just wants to help people pursue their dreams of ownership. It is part of the entrepreneurial consulting journey for us.

Management Consulting Services

"When I decided to open my business, there were so many things I knew but I quickly realized there were also many things I didn't know and hadn't thought of. That's when I contacted ViVi. I could tell immediately that I was in good hands. ViVi is professional, creative, efficient and has an energy about her that is inspiring. In addition to her expertise and second to none skill set, ViVi cares and wants your business to succeed just as much as you do. Having her in your corner makes all the difference and I couldn't recommend her more highly."  l  Chaele R., Owner of HairHaus

Marketing Services

"I hired ViVi to assist in my health and wellness practice's marketing material. Not only was she quick in her response, but her attention to detail and written communication was succinct, clear and concise but reflected the core values of my practice. Her suggestions tailored our marketing messaging to be more authentic and transparent. Her work was directly in line with my bioenergetic health and wellness practice."  l  Michele W., Founder of The Bioenergetic Pair

Professional Writing Services

"ViVi is friendly, professional, detail-oriented, well verse and resourceful. I felt she was genuine in her desire to assist me in my request. I hired ViVi for a technical writing project and she revised it to be more polished and technical as well as clear and concise. Because of this experience, I have hired Latitude 108 for additional projects. I would recommend ViVi because her professional experience is extremely diverse and has proven she is very capable of managing all types of projects requested by clients."  l  Fatmata K.

Passion. Purpose. Possibilities.

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